What is animal communication?

Animal or Interspecies communication is an ancient practice which can help us and the animals in our lives to understand each other better. It can help with behaviour issues, emotional problems and stress. It can also be a great tool to allow you to understand your animal’s point of view in order to have a stronger relationship, or to ease some of the worry that a lot of animal owners have on a day to day basis.

An amazing example of animal communication in practice:

Animal or interspecies communication is a process of connecting to animals on an energetic level using subtle vibrational frequencies. Essentially it is a heart to heart connection that we are all capable of learning.

Photo courtesy of Ann McGregor

While the ability to access this state is in us all, animals find it easier as it is one of their primary forms of communication. Animals live their life in a more present state, taking each moment as it comes. They are not filled with the day to day mind chatter that humans so often experience.

In order to be able to communicate telepathically with animals we bypass our usual thinking mind, allowing it to become still so that communication can take place.

How we experience communication is different for each individual but usually involves the sending and receiving of information in the form of:

  • Images
  • Emotions/feelings
  • Thoughts
  • Physical sensations
  • Sound

This is a 2 way conversation between species and it can take place remotely or in person. It works with any animal of any species and any age.

We all are born with this ability, this intuitive gift but are taught to not use it as we grow up. You may re-learn it through practice, experimentation or by taking a course. It’s simply a matter of relaxing the mind and “tuning in.”