What to expect during a session

Preparing for the session

After getting in touch to agree a time and session type that suits you best, think about what you’d like to accomplish with this communication. Create a list of questions or topics you’d like me to explore with your pet. If you’re not sure what to ask, let me know and we can develop a plan together. During booking there will be a chance to list your questions, concerns or any behavioural issues you would like to work on.

You’ll provide basic identifying information for the animal: name, approximate age, and how long you have known or owned the animal. If the session is remote, I will work from a photo and I do not need to meet your animal in person. The best photo is fairly recent with the animals eyes easily visible, but any will do.

You can prepare your animals by letting them know I will be getting in touch, and that it’s ok with you to share whatever they feel comfortable sharing (you can simply tell them this out loud, they’ll understand!).

During a session

During the initial animal communication session, in person or remotely, I will first connect with your animal and get a sense of who they are and what is most important to them. During the session I will get some verifiable information that will help you see that it is in fact your animal I am connected to. This might be in the form of identifying their favourite toy or best friend, where they like to go for walks or what their bed looks like. But often just the way in which I talk about their personality is enough for you to know that we’ve connected. Then we will go on to talk about what is concerning you or ask the questions you would like asked.

Photo courtesy of Ann McGregor

I will relay the information I receive from your animal to you and also help them understand what you want them to know.

If the session has been a remote one I will call you via phone, skype or Zoom video call at the time we have agreed. At this point we’ll chat through any behaviour concerns, or worries you had and I can help you make a plan going forward based on the new information from your animal.

After your session

Often effects of the communication session are seen right away and more improvements can be seen over time. I’ve had clients contact me the following day to report improved behaviour, and generally people usually feel a sense of joy at getting to know their beloved animal even better. It is however important to understand that each experience is unique, just like each animal. An animal has free will and will only share what they want to and only change their behaviour if they choose to. It is possible that no change will take place. This being said, it is my aim to help you both gain a better understanding of each other’s perspectives and a strengthened relationship as a result of this. Often just being heard is enough for your animal to feel more relaxed and happy in themselves. I’ll also talk you through suggestions going forward for how you and your animal friend can work together to improve any issues.

I welcome any feedback you care to share, whether immediately after the session or later when you’ve have time to process. I will try to be on hand via email in the days following our session to answer any questions you may have.

If you’re ready to choose which type of session will work best for you please see my booking page.