“Rachel blew my mind with her ability to communicate with my puppy Georgi. I was initially sceptical when I first heard about animal communication but after the session and with little knowledge of the issues, the home set up or Georgi’s likes and dislikes; Rachel managed to feedback what Georgi’s very specific likes and dislikes were, where she likes to go, what toys/soft toys were her favourite and the treats she liked. Rachel gave specific feedback on issues we were having keeping her in her crate to sleep. Georgi had frequently cried through the night to get into our room and after a word from Rachel, she slept through for the first time in 7 weeks. She also stopped crying when we left her, as she would do if we had to go, but after Rachel explained to her that we would always come back the crying stopped too. I would HIGHLY recommend this amazing animal communicator. She will change your life and your relationship with your pet.❤️ Xx” Sharon, Georgi’s mum.



“I recently asked Rachel to communicate with my horse who moved yards in August and had to fit into a new routine and new field mates. He’s a dominant character but also has some insecurities so I was keen to know how he felt about the last few months in his new place. I also asked Rachel to ask him about his insecurities when standing in the horse trailer – he has a tendency to jump around when it’s stationary. Rachel stepped up to the challenge and absolutely nailed his character on the head – it was like listening to him! She put my mind at ease when she told me he is happy in his new place although he does miss his old field friends. She gave me a real insight into how he views himself (he’s a very handsome boy and full of self importance but doesn’t he know it 😂) and she said he told me not to worry. She told me he enjoyed jumping (which he really does) and wants to do more (we’ve not done much since the move with no jumping facilities available). With regards to the trailer he thought he was actually pretty good and was a bit insulted when Rachel questioned him 😂 he asked her to ask me to tell him where we are going, why and for how long. So I (rather sceptically I confess) did do this on our next outing and lo and behold he virtually self loaded, stood like a lamb and behaved impeccably at the event. I’ve repeated this “discussion” for each outing since and honestly I don’t know how it works but he really has changed, standing so quietly and just so relaxed in the trailer. I’ve had him from a 2 year old and he is now 10 so he knows the drill but never has he been this quiet to load and travel. It’s really put my mind at rest! I don’t know how it works but it’s some magic. Rachel is so caring, conscientious and has a real vested interest in your pet, I thoroughly recommend just trying it!” Catriona, Marco’s mum.


Hetty is loved to bits and she comes everywhere with me but she has always been a bit anxious and sad, has issues with eating and was more than slightly aloof, but I could see that there was a lot going on in that wee dogs head.

When I contacted Rachel I honestly was just curious to see if she could gain an insight into Hetty’s world –  I had a totally open mind but I honestly didn’t foresee the outcome having such a dramatic change on her behaviour.

The feedback I got from Rachel from her sessions with Hetty were very interesting – she recounted things about Hetty’s past (which was amazing!) and thoroughly explained how she talked through Hetty’s problems with her and how she managed to help Hetty address her issues.

The upshot of it all is that Rachel’s sessions with Hetty have been transformative: Hetty’s eating habits have improved dramatically, she shows much more affection and has even started to come when I call.  She is a much, much calmer, happier dog – as an example: on walks – her tail is lifted and wagging for the entire time – this is never happened before: my sister commented one day that she didn’t realise how long Hetty’s tail was, as before she had always held it down!

She just seems to be enjoying life more and more every day – really can’t thank you enough Rachel!

Lynn and Hetty

Huntly, Aberdeenshire