Communication and Mediumship

Full Length Remote Communication Consultation

A fully comprehensive communication where I will work with your animal remotely via a photo and then call or zoom for a full follow up consultation. Perfect to gain deeper insight into your animals lives and ask those things you’ve always wished you could ask them! There will be space to discuss behavioural issues and health concerns within this, however if issues are extreme, such as in animals with extreme behavioural or emotional concerns, my trauma release package would be beneficial.

Full Length In Person Consultation

I would love to come and work with you and your animals either in your home or at a yard or farm (within restrictions). I currently travel within one hour of East Lothian but will discuss other requests on an individual basis. If you cannot find a time to suit please get in touch for alternatives. These sessions usually last 1.5hrs.

Trauma Release Package

A transformational combination of communication and energy healing used to identify and release trauma trapped in the body. Particularly useful in supporting rescue animals to heal and move on in their new lives, or those animals who are displaying behavioural concerns such as anxiety or aggression. Includes a full communication consultation followed by an intensive energy healing session as is required by the animal.

Animals in transit Package

Moving home can be an incredibly stressful time for any animal, particularly those who are going to a new family or who have a long journey to take. I have experience in supporting animals through this time, which helps them to understand what to expect and be fully prepared for their move.

First I will work with your animal to help alleviate any concerns they have through a full remote communication. Secondly I will connect in with them a day or so before their move, to remind them again of the specific travel plans. Finally once in their new home, we will have a follow up short consultation where you can ask questions about how they are settling in, any changes they’d like or things they would like to tell you.

Short Remote Consultation

If I have previously connected with your animal for a full consultation, I’ll happily connect back in for a follow up with my short consultation. Followed by feedback which can be via email, a recorded voice message or phonecall.

Animal Mediumship

If you want to connect with a beloved pet who has passed, I am happy to help. I conduct mediumship readings remotely and then will feedback to you either over the phone or via skype video call.



Healing for you

Often animals energetically reflect what they see in us and sometimes it comes out in consultation that the human could do with a little more support or an opportunity to work on themselves. This might be in the form of reiki healing, connecting in with guides and passed loved ones, or simply talking through things which are coming up.

Similar to my full length animal sessions, in this consultation I will spend time initially tuning into your energy intuitively to see what comes up. I can send reiki healing if needed and we will then follow this up with a phone consultation to talk through everything which has come up and anything else which you want to discuss.

Reiki for Animals-follow up session

As a fully qualified reiki practitioner, I often use reiki to support my full length communication consultations. I prefer to have conducted a full consultation prior to working with an animal for reiki only. This is because I find that a lot of issues, both health and emotional, can come to light during the full communication sessions ***. However this session can be booked as a follow-up.

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Consultations for charities, rescue centres and sanctuaries 

If you run or work at a registered charity for animals and you are looking for support with an animal in your care, please get in touch. I offer free sessions to charities every month and I’d love to offer my help either remotely or in person.

If your not sure which session is right for you please get in touch via the form at the bottom of my Home page to discuss this before booking.

* As a fully qualified animal reiki practitioner, I can conduct an empathic body scan during my full length communication consultations. I can also ask your animal about aches and pains they might have or how they are feeling in their body. This is never a replacement for the advice of a vet and I will not diagnose ilness in your animal, but simply pass on that which they wish to share. Sometimes I feel reiki energy healing will support the session, either to support a phisical ailment or an emotional blockage. If I feel this is the case and your animal is in agreement I can provide energy healing during the full length session or I may suggest a follow up reiki session if the issue is particularly complex and time wont allow in one session.