Imagine if we could ask our pets the questions we’d always wanted to know the answers to… What would they say?

Animal or Interspecies communication is an ancient practice which can help us and the animals in our lives to understand each other better. It can help with behaviour issues, emotional problems and stress. It can also be a great tool to allow you to understand your animal’s point of view in order to have a stronger relationship, or to ease some of the worry that a lot of animal owners have on a day to day basis.

An amazing example of animal communication in practice:

About me

Aged 8 with our dog Emma and my mum’s horse, Pepsi.

I spent every spare moment in my childhood surrounded by animals big and small. From my own family dog, Emma, to the baby field mice I rescued from a river that was flooding its banks.. they all got the A+ treatment!

I loved creating amazing spaces for my animals to live, but the biggest joy to me was spending every weekend out in the countryside with horses..

Me with my horse Honey not long after she came to me.

As an adult I studied at University and worked with young people within the charitable sector but my passion for animals has never left.

In 2011 I was kindly given care of my very own horse Honey. Having been badly treated in the past she was very scared and mis-trusted people a lot. This presented as a myriad of extreme behaviours. One by one I worked through these, learning as I went. Now aged 13, she is a relaxed, well rounded and fun horse in every way but it’s been a bumpy ride (no pun intended). She has been my biggest education and has taught me so much about animals and their unique personalities.

Lots of animal communicators will say “Since a child I’ve always known I’ve had this unique ablity” and although I’m sure that is true for many, my skills have come through hard work and studying with one of the world’s most skilled animal communicators: Tricia Carr. And of course practice, lots and lots of practice!

Learning animal communication has been an exciting journey! Every animal is different and they each have so much to teach us. I can’t wait to meet yours and find out what they have to say!

Services and Booking

To find out more about how I can help you and your animal please have a look at the range of services on my booking page or read some testimonials from my clients. Alternatively you can find out more about what to expect during an animal communication session.

Life is better when your animals are happy!

With Animals in Mind- Rachel Sartain – Animal Communicator